I’m smack bang in the middle of baking carrot cupcakes for my daughter’s last day of term (they are literally in the oven as I type)…. I had originally planned to decorate with royal icing Easter bunny feet and carrots. Well that ain’t happening.

I tend to have these grandiose ideas at 2am in the morning when I think somehow the hours in my day will magically accommodate all my plans. But as I stare at my pile of washing to be hung out, floor to be vacuumed and dinner to be cooked for guests … well royal icing bunny feet have fallen wayyyyy down the priority list.

So plan B? Printables! Here are my favourite 5 found so far and I’ll add to the list if I find any more…


Eatser Printable Chocolate Amy Moss

1. Origami Bunny

Seriously is there anything Amy Moss of Eat Drink Chic can’t do? I love this… and while I won’t be using it on the Kinder kids it will be on some of my friends Easter treats this year for sure!

2. Grey & Pink Bunny

I adore how simple & cute this print is from VMG206!  And while you could print & frame it… you could also make it smaller and use as a gift tag or card.



Easter Cake Chocolate

3. Easter Bunny

Now this one I’m a little biased on simply because Amelie chose it for her Kinder friends. It’s the one which is going to be on the tops of the cupcakes just out of the oven by tonight!




4. Easter Frames

Ok so technically these are scrapbooking frames from Mr Printables – but I’d happily cut these out and use as “frames” for photos for Grandparents… especially the ones who always say “I don’t need anymore chocolate”!





5. Easter Cake Toppers

Super sweet and super easy to dress up an Easter cake! I’d add some mini easter eggs on top piled high and you’d be good to go! (Because you can NEVER have too much chocolate eat Easter time!)


And the extra!




6. Chalkboard Easter

And then there was this one… so it isn’t free but it is only $11 and it is DIVINE. So I had to include it ;) You can purchase from Sweet Scarlet Designs here

2 thoughts on “5 Free Easter Printables we love!

  1. Sharon

    I LOVE these ideas – especially those last cake toppers. They are gorgeous! I’ve just finished tszuj’ing up (a la Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”) coffee jars to turn them into Easter egg holders from which the little guys can distribute Easter eggs to their class!


    1. CarlyAmanda

      Thank you Sharon! We’re waiting to see what delicious cookies you cook up for Easter on The Cookie Society! x


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